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If you have a query about your order, or a general question, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. A member of our team will be happy to help. 

Please do not make a Paypal dispute, because our staff does not have access to the Paypal System.  As a result, Paypal disputes can result in delays of up to 7 working days to get a refund!


Please follow these rules when writing to us. It will help us respond to your query and provide a solution faster:

  • Before creating a ticket, please search our Knowledge Base first.
  • Please only create 1 ticket.  If you create more, your old ticket will be deleted and your new one will be pushed to the back of the Queue
  • If you are requesting a refund, please politely request it by contacting us, and we will offer you a prompt refund.  Please do not make a Paypal dispute, as our support staff does not have access to Paypal Disputes.  As a result, Making a Paypal Dispute will delay the refund process by up to 5 working days. If you make a support ticket, however, refunds can be completed within an hour. 


You can contact our friendly team of staff via any of the methods below:

Email Support (fastest):

Click here to create a support ticket (fastest response)